The Tillandsia xerographica is a beautiful and relatively large species within the various Tillandsia species. It is also called the ‘King of Air Plants’. The gray / silver colored leaves that grow from the heart towards the butt, makes it a really exclusive and decorative plant to have and use. Like the Tillandsia Harissii, the Xerographica is covered by the CITES certificate. This means that the species is protected in Central America and therefore only a limited amount of these plants may be imported.

The Tillandsia xerographica can be easily used in wedding bouquets, wreaths and in table decoration for example. The leaves of this plant can also be used separately for decoration, both dry and wet. During the flowering stage of this plant, a large red and green flower grows from the heart.

However, the Tillandsia Xerographica is being shipped before this stage from the farms in Central America to the Netherlands